Les Vignes, Abjat-sur-Bandiat

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Abjat-sur-Bandiat Wevsite (French)

This local site has lots of information about the village of Abjat-sur-Bandiat, however it is in French. Visit it at www.abjat-sur-bandiat.fr.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor has some nice information, plus plenty of reviews about the local area. Take a look on www.tripadvisor.com.

Entente Cordiale

Entente Cordiale is a good local restaurant in the village, for more information see www.ententecordiale.net.

Map France

Here you can find a street map of Abjat-sur-Bandiat, a very handy resource for the first couple of days. You can visit the site at www.map-france.com.


Check out the Wikipedia site regarding Abjat-sur-Bandiat, full of facts relating to the village. TO learn more, check out www.wikipedia.org.

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